2013 Changes In Chicago Limousine Service

2012 was an interesting year for the limousine service. Prices have steeply declined and the traditional Chicago limousine service has changed for the better.  Lincoln Town Car stretch and sedan limousine have been steadily getting phased out as more and more companies are choosing newer and more reliable brands as viable replacements.  There has also been a split in the type of limousine services and rentals being offered.  Companies that used to solely rely on weekend stretch limo service have moved towards party-style vehicles only, while the weekday business and casual limo service firms have nearly eliminated their weekend ventures.

Since the divergence and split in types of limo service has nearly solidified in 2012, it is expected that the trend will continue in 2013.  It is no longer practical to market limousine as both party and business since the vehicles and service differ so greatly that one simply cannot interchange the two between the weekends and weekdays.  Party buses and party stretch limousines have become so extravagant, flashy, and crazy that they simply cannot be sent to a business or a casual trip anymore.  The companies that have recognized and went along with this trend, have paved their way to success over the long run and will reap benefits in the upcoming year of 2013.

It is expected that there will be less individual business trips in 2013 and more corporate airport and everyday trips.  2013 also promises an increase in the number of parties and crawls in Chicago area with ever increasing party size.  As such, the divergence will create a demand for more business niche limo service and party niche party bus rental companies in Chicago.

The big winners, however, for the upcoming year, will be those who will attempt to tackle the issue of splitting the two types of Chicago limousine service.  Engaging in both parts of booming limousine service will be difficult, but if a company can partake in both aspects and split their marketing and service accordingly, they will without a doubt emerge as a leader in Chicago.

Given the number of limo corporations that have completely abandoned both sides of the business in favor of specializing in one, a great opportunity has been created for those daring enough to try to combine the two and become the most versatile Chicago limousine service company. The challenge is there and the reward is promising, all that’s left is planning and effort to achieve this in 2013.

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