Perils Lurking in the Open Lane

open lane on a highway in ChicagoChicago is well known for its traffic. Rush hours can get really busy when everybody gets off work and tries to get back home as soon as possible. Streets get busier and busier every year and the amount of accidents only increase. Traffic causes fatigue and frustration, maneuvering with limousines provided by Chicago limo rental companies can cause chauffeurs to make mistakes.

There are several frequent situations chauffeur of limo services Chicago might encounter when driving in big traffic. One of then is “Open Lane” risk. The open lane phenomena happens when one lane is being slowed down and the next lane is still open. If the driver is stuck in the slower lane, it is really tempting for him/her to switch lanes. When it happens there is a high risk of a serious accident. The drivers are tempted to switch lanes more often and it traps them.

Elite Chicago limo always trains and prepares the drivers for the most extreme situations. Our chauffeurs have long time experience providing limo service in Chicago city traffic. We know how to avoid pressure for slipping into the open lane and how to do it properly. The speed differences between the lanes can be extremely big and it is hard to react quickly when another car is approaching. However, we ensure the highest safety level when riding our limo services Chicago cars.

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