Valentine’s Day Ideas with Chicago Limousine Services

candy and chocolatesThis year spend Valentine’s day with Elite Chicago Limo. We can help you schedule you trip with multiple destinations around Chicago. Your trip will be worry free and flawless when riding¬†chauffeured limo services Chicago.

Set your budget for Chicago limo rental before hand. We will adjust the prices to match it or advise the best options for your transportation. We are flexible and do understand how hard economy can affect people. That is why we try to match and sometimes even beat the prices of our competitors for you to have the best possible experience. For returning customers we never increase the prices. So if you got a good deal once, we will make sure you will get this deal again.

You can also add extra champagne to your order or extra sodas. Feel free to replace drinks in our complimentary bar with the ones you like better. You cana ask for more beer instead of pop or more pop instead of beer. Moreover, you can bring you own alcohol to the limo. Just remember, we do not allow earting in our cars. Have a nice ride with our professional chauffeured limo services Chicago!


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